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For a long time I was secretive and paranoid about source code and the like. I guess I felt like everything I had has value, and its hard to just give away the good stuff. What really seems to have changed my mind a bit is being involved in the quake community. There is so much help among friends, and open source, and I really think it helps everybody along. Today I'm putting up my directx 7, input, error logging, and sound libraries. The source code is available by request. I'll also post it here when I put in some comments and get rid of anything embarassing laying around. Use it freely. My only requests are make sure I get credit if its due, inform me of any errors, send me some money if you make any using it (and a free copy of your app or game :). If you distribute it, make sure all files are included. Also, I take no responsibility for anything, use at your own risk.

DirectX 7 Input Library

The is the dx7 mouse, joystick, and keyboard input library I developed and am using. Its loosely based on the samples in the dx7 sdk, modified to combine the two input sources. Probably only useful for those who don't want to bother with dinput, or don't know much about it. Hopefully it will save you a little time anyway. I also included some code tidbits on how its used.



DirectX 7 Sound Library

This is my DX7 3D sound library. I was really happy how well and fast this turned out. I converted part of the 3d sound dxsdk sample to make a class based sound library. Probably most useful code on the site atm. Loads and plays .wav and .mid files. See my coding resources section for a link to the aureal sound library. Its far better than mine, and handles mp3's. Will definitely be the sound engine in the next project.



DirectX 7 3D Particle Class

This is my particle class. It takes a plane in x-y (maybe normal pointing -z, I forget what I used.) and rotates it so its always pointing at the camera. I use it for particles, but its good for anything that always needs to point at the camera. I draw a gradient sphere with alpha blending set in blend one mode, z-writes off (i don't care about how they are depth sorted), and fog color set to black. I may turn fog off in the demo file, this is a hack, it can get really ugly putting blended polys in fog. I have since learned that setting the fog color to black is a better solution. If its requested I've updated the particle class to go a bit faster. It could be ripped out of the engine if there's any interest.



DirectX 7 Quake 3 Model Loader/Viewer

I haven't decided what exactly to do with this. I wrote the code for an unannounced project in the works. Right now it doesn't have a front end (you have to edit source to change models and animations :). I'm not sure if I'll put a front end on it for people to actually use it as a model viewer, or just release the source for coders. Either way the source is messy and not well commented, so by request only.


By Request!

LOD (Level Of Detail) Triangle Generator

Generate static level of detail triangles to cover up a height field. Not much to it, still in progress. Triangles are set up generically so its not DX specific.


In Progress

CSG (Computational Solid Geometry)

I've come up with an easy to understand way to do boolean operators on solid geometries. I'm not especially well read on the subject, but I couldn't find anything similar, so maybe its a new algorithm. Its a series of trivial steps, ray-triangle interesections. It compiles and runs perfectly in brainware and paperware, I just need to port this to the PC.


In Progress

PNG Library

There is an open source png texture library for openGL that does downsampling for mips among other things. I haven't used them yet, but png's can handle an alpha channel, and utilize a lossless compression scheme. Converting this lib to DX is on the to do list.


In Progress

El Cheepo DX Error Logger

Tastes filling. Less great. This is nothing, just a class that opens a file when it is constructed, writes whatever you tell it to, and closes when its destructed. I will be adding more error logging functionality sometime. I've updated this to automatically close the file and reopen for every write, I can upload on request. I've only had one person use this that I know of so far though, so I won't unless I'm asked.

***UPDATE-I have a really nice DX8 version of this. Contact me!!!***



Old Code Archives

Not especially useful, but a few little tidbits (e.g. pathfinding/maze finding algo). These are on my personal home page which is rarely updated now adays. Look in the code section. Also, there's a lot of info here on project alpha (available below).


My Homepage

DX 7 Font Class

Uses t&l verts to put a collection of strings on the screen. There is no documentation with this, but hopefully its self explanatory. Its use is something like blah=newfont(), then add the strings you want to add, then you can change strings based on the indices returned by the add string. Only catch is you must use smaller strings than the initial when you changestring. The GAME * in there is just my game engine class that contains things like pointers to the D3D device. If you can't figure it out just yell at me.



Project Alpha

This is version 7 of my DirectX 6 ddraw based alpha blending library. I've moved to 3D so this project is permanently suspended, but I still get a lot of requests for help on the subject. The demo is from version 6 of library, and by popular request the source for version 7 is in this zip. Who knows what changed in between :). The library does blending, shadows, color replacement, and all sorts of other stuff. There is more info on project alpha in the old code archives listed above.



Source by Request!!!

Coding Resources

These are all the resources I use in my coding projects. Remember I'm a poor college student, so this is a lot of the BEST shareware and cheepware around.


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