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Project Resources

These are the best of the resources I've found for all my coding project support operations. It took me a long time to find some of them, so I've compiled them all here for anybody who may need it (and in case I forget the sites, you have no idea how often I use my own links ;)

Milkshape 3D

This is a great shareware 3D modeling package. I use this for all my solid models. The author, Mete Ciragan is a great guy and has added custom features to the package on more than one occasion. I have some personal resources to get these models into DirectX if anybody needs them. First shareware I ever registered.


Chumbalum Software


What a great little sound composer. It wasn't intuitive to use the first time, but open up the examples and you will be up and running in no time. It lets you combine sin, square, and triangle waves, and all sorts of other stuff into sound effects. Again a nice resource.


Quack Page

Clickteam Install Maker

Another great product. Makes nice tight, professional installation packages with drag and drop ease. I got InstallShield free with VC6, but I still use this because its so good and easy.



Scream Design

These guys are one of the best web design resources I've found so far.


Scream Design

Aureal SDK

More really good stuff. Odin over at Nuke Software pointed me towards this little gem. Its a great sound library with support for all sorts of good stuff, including streaming wav's and mp3's. In general I mistrust anything I don't have the source code for, but this is definitely too good to pass up! Don't be distressed if the samples won't run and delete it. You need to have a Dolby key to use the Dolby feature. Just open up the project and recompile it with the offensive lines commented out. All smooth sailing from here.

A3DSDK Homepage (down)

Vortex of Sound (backup)


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