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Making you happy is of the utmost importance at ba3D software. We guarentee we will reply to all support issues with 24 hours, even on weekend and holidays. Here is a list of the most common troubles our users encounter to get you back on your feet even faster while you're waiting for our reply.

Solutions to Common Problems

Trouble Starting or Graphical Anomalies:
Make sure you have DirectX 7 or greater installed on your system, and that your system meets all minimum requirements. Try running with the 'Stripped Nekked' graphics settings under 'Change Configuration' on the opening screen. You may need to update your video card drivers, which should be available at the manufacturers homepage.
Sluggish Controls:
Performance setting are set too high for your system. Change these with the 'Change Configuration' option on the opening screen.
Orbs makes you seasick!
Try running with the standard graphics settings under 'Change Configuration' on the opening screen. These setting drastically reduce the flashing and moving lights, and other special effects and should elimate any troubles of this sort.


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