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About Trinity Games

The Company

Trinity Games is dedicated to creating fun games emphasizing a quality gameplay experience, not huge volumes of content. Our goal is to create games that are easy enough for a child to learn, yet have enough depth for the most seasoned hardcore gamers. We really do use 3 year old beta testers-Orbs is great for teaching basic mouse control, and you'd be surprised how many people dropped Quake 3 and played Orbs at our last LAN party! Of course, great gameplay isn't enough (or we'd all still have Atari), you deserve your games to take advantage of the best technology available and we will deliver!


The Team

Trinity Games is a currently a one man operation. I do all the coding myself, manage the website, and media production is split between myself and various outside contributors. I hope to find semi-permanent graphics and sound authors to work with on the projects, but haven't as of yet. For more personal information, including some cool pics of me firebreathing take a look at my personal homepage by clicking the image below.

Contact Us

For tech support, web site issues, or anything else, email me, , or just use the form below.


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