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Orbs of Attrition

Orbs of Attrition is a game in which a user controls a paddle used to strike one or more balls, keeping them in the playing field in order to accomplish various objectives, such as destroying obstacles, vanquishing opponents, and completing puzzles. Orbs adds a new dimensions to this classic genre...literally. In contrast to previous '3D' paddle games which enhance standard 2D gameplay with 3D graphics, Orbs offers a completely 3D experience, including true three dimensional game levels, obstacles, and motion, in addition to 3D graphics, 3D paddle and camera control, and 3D positional audio. Think three-dimensional air hockey meets Arkanoid on steroids. Nearly twenty types of gameplay are included with varied objectives, including survival mode, versus battles, racquetball, puzzle mode, and special classic retro mode.

121+ Levels, Instant E-Delivery
Guarenteed 100% Safe and Secure!

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The demo contains the first 21 levels of Orbs of Attrition. If you are bandwidth concious, don't worry, it weighs in at just over 3 MB (7 minutes at 56 kbps, and worth every one!). No further download is required if you decide to purchase the full version from within the high quality demo.

Download Now!!! local file!


  • 121+ handcrafted levels
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • True 3D gameplay with a full six degrees of freedom
  • 3D positional audio-you can actually hear where balls are coming from
  • Gameplay variations include: survival, puzzle, versus battles, block destruction, and special classic retro mode
  • 60+ object types to interact with and destroy or be destroyed by
  • 35+ powerball types to discover and use
  • Over 20 distinct powerups, ranging from the classic paddle-enlarger to the powerful fireball
  • High speed turbo boost on demand-eliminate that nasty behind the blocks wait!
  • Awesome special effects, including dynamic 3D lighting, shaders, environment mapped bump mapping, and particle explosions!
  • Next generation 3D menu and interface
  • Scalable technology-works great on low end computers, and looks great on high performance systems!


System Requirements



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